Indian Institute of Public Health, Hyderabad (IIPHH)

Faculty and Staff at Indian Institute of Public Health – Hyderabad (PHFI) are putting up their untiring efforts in helping the State Government and ESI Medical College Hospital in myriad ways like:

Engagement with IIHFW-Hyderabad – the following are supported and planned

1. Training and capacity building

  • Helping in developing their training material, abridged protocols in forms of Flow charts and SOPs that can be easily disseminated as ready tools.
  • Devising the remote training strategy in the form of short recorded videos and using video conferencing. It is proposed to form a roster of subject experts who shall be available to the health and outreach staff through phone/ dedicated numbers. This is being explored

2. IEC

  • We shared the material prepared by PHFI before just placing the material on-site. But it was realised to devise a whole strategy.
  • The immediate requirement was to support them in compiling IEC material and translating already available from MOHFW and WHO-India. Have associated 2 research staff for the same.

3. IIHFW’s Requirement for innovative material for special and high risk groups, particularly IEC targeted to rural population in Telugu. This can be jointly developed along with IIHFW.

  • Those with co-morbidities any specific considerations
  • Elderly
  • Disabled, can we also identify hospitals which may be user friendly
  • Pregnant and children amidst gaps in routine care
  • What shall a person going into facility quarantine expect or prepare for
  • Mental health needs of those quarantined. IEC for wards and videos that can be played for them
  • What should the family members of those facility quarantined expect and manage
  • If in future epidemic explodes, the mild positive cases may be required to stay at homes. Can we plan strategy for slowly sensitising the community without creating panic?

Engagement with ESI Medical College Hospital:

  • Developed the in-house IEC material and collated and shared IEC that was developed by others but have open licenses – Shared with ESI hospital
  • We have also advised them on how to share information on prevention with their patients.

Consultation to State Governments (by Bengaluru Campus)

  • Consultation provided to Karnataka State government
  • Consultation provided to Andhra Pradesh State government for preparedness
  • Consultation being provided to Uttar Pradesh State government
  • Dr. Giridhar R Babu– Member of Epidemiology and surveillance Research group constituted by National Task Force for COVID-I9
  • Information dissemination through journals and newspaper articles.