Technical Support to Central and State Governments

PHFI and the five Indian Institutes of Public Health (IIPHs) located across the country continues provides technical support to Central and State Governments on Covid-19. The senior technical leadership, researchers, faculty and students are providing their full support as India fights Corona.

Prof. K Srinath Reddy
President, PHFI

Both PHFI and technical talent under the guidance of Professor. K Srinath Reddy continues to provide technical expertise during Covid-19. Prof. Reddy is a member of the following national and international committees:

  1. National COVID Technical Taskforce convened by ICMR.
  2. Honorary Advisor on Health to the Governments of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh with Cabinet Rank in both states.
  3. Post-COVID strategy paper for the health system, by the National Security Council Secretariat.
  4. Executive Group of the Steering Committee of WHO’s SOLIDARITY Trial
  5. Member, Group of Experts for COVID-19 Response under the CM of Punjab
  6. Technical Expert, Government of Haryana
  7. Prof Reddy is a Member of  the  Committee on “Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on “human rights and future response” by The National Human Rights Commission.

Dr Subash Salunke
Director – IIPHB and Senior Advisor – PHFI, the Indian Institute of Public Health Bhubaneswar

  • Technical COVID Support to Government of Odisha
  • Technical support to Government of Maharashtra

The technical team at the Indian Institute of Public Health, Bhubaneswar is assisting efforts of the Government of Odisha

Prof Sanjay Zodpey
Director – IIPH Delhi

  • Prof. Sanjay Zodpey, is a part of the National Task Force for COVID-19 at ICMR of the Epidemiology and Surveillance research group.
  • He is the Technical Advisor for COVID-19 related activities for Nagpur Division. He is suggesting appropriate measures to be taken to contain the pandemic in the Division.
  • He is a member of the working group which is working on execution of specific tasks related to population based studies and prophylaxis studies to generate evidences of AYUSH interventions in dealing with the COVID 19 crisis, which will be initiated by Ministry of AYUSH and will be implemented by RCs, academic institutes and other partners in different parts of the country.

Prof GVS Murthy
Director – IIPH Hyderabad
Technical support to the Government of Telangana

Dr Jayaram
Registrar – IIPH Hyderabad
Technical Support to Government of Telangana
The technical team at the Indian Institute of Public Health, Hyderabad is assisting efforts of the Government of Odisha. The students are activitely engaged and have been recruited as epidemiologists at the district level.

Dr Dileep Mavalankar
Director, IIPHG
The technical team at IIPHG led by Dr Dileep Mavalankar is supporting efforts of the Government of Gujarat.

Dr Sandra Albert
Director – IIPH Shillong

Member of the Working group on Epidemiology Survey and Documentation constituted by the Interdisciplinary AYUSH Research and Development Task Force on Covid-19. Notification No. A.17020/1/2020-E.1 of Ministry of AYUSH

Prof Sandra Albert is a member of the State Level Medical Expert Committee constituted by the Government of Meghalaya

Technical team members at IIPH Shillong Dr Rajiv Sarkar, Badondor Shylla and Uniqueky Mawrie are members of the technical support group of the State response team for COVID-19, Government of Meghalaya

Dr Giridhara Babu
Head -Life Course Epidemiology, PHFI, IIPH – Bengaluru Campus

  • Member of Epidemiology and surveillance, & Research group constituted by ICMR National Task Force for COVID-I9
  • Member, Karnataka State Government Technical Analysis Committee: COVID19
  • Consultation to Andhra Pradesh, UP, Telangana, Punjab and Maharashtra
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