27 Jul, 2022

India’s mixed health system has evolved by default, not by design. We need to make the best use of all our healthcare providers and avoid exploitation of vulnerable patients. To improve access, affordability and quality of healthcare, we need the public sector to be more responsive, the private sector to be more responsible and the voluntary sector to be more resourceful, says Dr K. Srinath Reddy.

The Indian Express

26 Jul, 2022

Monkeypox has been at a low level of endemicity in western and central Africa for decades but it began to be considered a global problem over the past few weeks, as more and more countries reported fresh cases.

Times of India

25 Jul, 2022

It’s a self-limiting disease. But the recent outbreak along with the Covid pandemic should make us think about how best to check zoonotic diseases.

The Indian Express

12 Jul, 2022

Covid has led to endothelial dysfunction, resulting in loss of ability of blood vessels to dilate when needed. This can lead to high blood pressure, accelerated atherosclerosis and heart attacks. But fear not as the patient can recover over time, says cardiologist and epidemiologist Dr K. Srinath Reddy

The Indian Express

11 Jul, 2022

On World Population Day, Dr Mayur Trivedi, Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Public Health, Gandhinagar (IIPHG) highlights that moving away from stereotypical arguments revolving around the population explosion and blaming a certain section of society of it…

Express Healthcare

8 Jul, 2022

Like in India, elsewhere in the world too, a calamitous conjunction of the virus and extreme wet weather is taking place. Locust attacks and cyclones are damaging economies.

The New Indian Express

6 Jul, 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic offers us an opportunity to extend school-based learning beyond the formal curriculum.

News 18

13 Jun, 2022

The impact of climate-related food shortages could prove to be graver than that of the Covid-19 pandemic as it will play out over decades.

Financial Express

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