11 Nov, 2019

Among age groups, men in the group 20-34 years had the lowest probability of having anaemia, while actual prevalence was lowest in the age group 50-54, at 7.8%.

The Indian Express

11 Nov, 2019

Nearly a quarter of Indian men are victims of anaemia through existing policies focus almost exclusively on women, says a new study exploring uncharted territory.

Deccan Herald

10 Nov, 2019

According to the study conducted from January 2015 to December 2016, around 18% of the males had mild anaemia, 5% moderate anaemia, and 0.5% severe anaemia, which leads to decreased productivity by causing fatigue, difficulty in concentrating, and lethargy.

Hindustan Times

8 Nov, 2019

Madhya Pradesh will focus on access to clean water, nutrition, & other factors impacting health, apart from access to healthcare. Other states should emulate it.

Financial Express

2 Nov, 2019

The UN Population Division estimates that the medium fertility variant, the most likely scenario, will result in a peak population of 165 crore in the year 2061 and a decline thereafter.

The Indian Express

30 Oct, 2019
Prologue:They both were working as young barbers during their adolescence when they fell in love. Danish worked in a saloon adjacent to Narender. Danish (Kothi) was 16 years old and Narender (Panthi) was a bit older (18 years) than Danish. As love took over, so did physical intimacy between the two boys. One day as they were watching television together, it happened…... Read more
25 Oct, 2019

All the stakeholders need to work in convergence to fight the scourge.

India is aspiring to be a $5-trillion economy in the next five years! Will she make it?

Business Line

23 Oct, 2019
The colourful orange and bright yellow ghagra-choli (Rajasthani attire) with its frills floating in the spring breeze across the balcony, the kohl on her eyes, the neatly adorned lipstick, those carefully crafted jewellery, the brightness in her face and confidence in her sharp demeanour – signals a strong message of ‘empowerment of the feminine’ that 38 years old Krishna flaunts in her…... Read more
15 Oct, 2019
Uniformed personnel constantly function under an unpredictable stressful and dynamic environment. Many of them are exposed to various kinds of stress due unique nature of their duties that involve being away from family for long periods, being in life-threatening combat situations and deployment in extreme weather conditions. The relatively high prevalence of anxiety, depressive behavior, substance abuse, suicides, fratricides etc. among uniformed…... Read more
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