The Public Health Foundation of India, through the current network of four Indian Institutes of Public Health (IIPH), is delivering four full–time postgraduate diploma, and numerous short-term, courses. Besides the existing IIPHs, plans are on to launch more institutes in the next few years.

The IIPHs have been created with the vision of becoming benchmarks in teaching, training and research in the public health arena. Their chief task is to educate and nurture human resources by providing quality training, to graduates from different disciplines, in various public health domains thus contributing to overall national health goals.

Each IIPH works closely with state governments to conduct research relevant to the home state and surrounding regions. They aim to make education and research activities relevant in content and context to all of India, while attaining standards which are qualitatively comparable with the best in the world.

Our programmes are world class in scientific content, delivery and most appropriate to the conditions of developing countries. The curriculum of each course is continuously updated to incorporate the latest advances in public health and to meet the changing needs of the students.

We have over 71 highly qualified faculty with diverse experience. Their expertise is being put to good use in research, teaching and the practice of public health.

PHFI also assists partner institutions in management and conduct of public health programmes. As per the MOU signed between Government of Madhya Pradesh and PHFI, IIPH Delhi is assisting State Institute of Health Management and Communication, Gwalior (SIHMC) in delivering the PGDPHM course.

The academic programmes are a crucial channel of PHFI’s mandate, which is to address the worrying shortage of trained and qualified human resources. Our priority is to build a strong public health system across the length and breadth of India.

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