We are a not-for-profit, public private initiative working collaboratively with key stakeholders towards strengthening institutional and systems capacity and catalysing change in public health in India. Our supporters recognise the critical role that public health has to play in India’s development. They are a growing group & network of institutions/organisation (Government of India, State Governments, Civil Society Organisations/Members, Domestic and International Academic and Research Organisations, Multilateral and Bilateral Institutions and International Foundations) and individuals. Our diverse and global partners highlights the importance of not just ‘Public Health in India’ but also ‘India for global public health’, given the significance of India’s population in global population. Listed below are some of our key donors representing government, industry, academia and civil society.

The creation of PHFI in 2006 was enabled by the Government of India and supported by multiple stakeholders. Initial funding support came from the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW), the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, other foundations and private philanthropy. Representing a true ‘Partnership for Public Purpose’, PHFI is working collaboratively with range of stakeholders including the national and state governments, national and international academia, civil society, global foundations, individual leaders, and the private sector.

PHFI is thankful to supporters who have contributed to PHFI funds for the broader institution development and organisational priorities (through corpus, specified and general funds), and to project specific partners and funders (through project grants).


Note: The Specified (Designated Funds or Proceeds from Corpus Funds) are applied towards use specified by the donor and may cover areas such as development of PHFI, IIPHs, Centres of Excellence, Special Initiatives and other institutional priorities

Central and State Governments

The MoHFW is a founder member and supporter of PHFI and enabled the creation of PHFI. It has contributed a corpus fund to the organization and is represented on the PHFI board

  • Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. GoI

Various state governments listed below are in partnership with PHFI and provided their support for building ‘Indian Institutes of Public Health’ (IIPHs) and development of its permanent campus for serving the state and the region. Currently, four IIPHs are functioning at Gandhinagar, Hyderabad, Delhi NCR, Bhubaneswar, one upcoming for Northeast at Shillong, and an affiliate training centre at Bengaluru. The state government and others from the region are represented in the advisory councils at IIPHs. Partnerships with others states exist to support multiple areas such as strengthening the public health system, programs and policies, establishing training centres and technical support units.

  • Government of Gujarat
  • Government of Telangana
  • Government of Delhi
  • Government of Odisha
  • Government of Meghalaya
  • Government of Karnataka

Foundations and Agencies

  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Nand & Jeet Khemka Foundation
  • Infosys Foundation
  • HT Parekh Foundation
  • Amar Foundation
  • American India Foundation
  • Friends of ISB Foundation
  • Give2Asia/Deshpande Foundation
  • Spandana Foundation

Private Sector and Philanthropists

  • HCL Corporation
  • Ms Rohini Nilekani
  • AKM Systems Pvt. Ltd
  • Ranbaxy Promoter Group
  • Reliance Industries
  • GMR Projects Pvt. Ltd
  • GVK Power and Infrastructure Ltd

Other Key Supporters

(For Research and Academic capacity and excellence development including fellowship and scholarships)

  • Wellcome Trust
  • Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), DST, GoI
  • MMTC Ltd
  • Deepak Foundation
  • Sir Dorabji Trust

Contributions by Individuals

We are thankful to a growing group of supporters/philanthropists who have contributed by establishing scholarships/fellowships in emerging areas of education and research towards addressing public health challenges. We acknowledge contributions made by Dr.Mangal Katikineni, Dr. Anil Tulpule and Dr. M K Mohan, Mr. Hari Bugganna, Prof M A Vijayalakshmi toward this noble cause.


Note :Project funds are received as grant or applied funds for public health priorities and themes including, for example, maternal and child health, nutrition, immunization, health hygiene and sanitation, disability, prevention and control of chronic conditions, and mental health. These contributions come from national and international donors. Select examples of the contributors towards projects are listed below; and the detailed list of collaborators (project funders or partners in implementation) is available at <https://www.phfi.org/collaborations>

National and State Governments, and Agencies (examples below)

  • Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
  • State Governments and agencies
  • Department of Science & Technology (DST)
  • Planning Commission
  • ICMR

Multilateral/International organizations (examples below)

  • The Royal Norwegian Embassy
  • IDRC
  • DFID

Philanthropic Organizations (examples below)

  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • McArthur Foundation
  • Wellcome Trust

Private sector organizations/foundations (examples below)

  • MSD
  • State Trading Corporation Ltd

Universities/Academic Organizations (examples below)

  • London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
  • Emory University
  • University of Melbourne