Organisation set up of Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) & its constituent units including Indian Institutes of Public Health (IIPH)

PHFI is organised as Program Divisions (Academic, Research, Training, Health Promotion, Health Systems Support), Constituent Units (Indian Institutes of Public Health, Centres of Research), and Operations Divisions (Finance, HR, Infrastructure & Facilities, IT, Administration, Legal, Communications). All division/institute/function heads have a final reporting to the President of the Foundation.

The President, as the head of the Foundation, is assisted by Advisory Councils, Management Committees, Research Academic Council (RAC) and the Senior Management Team.

Office of the President

  • Prof. Sanjay Zodpey
    President, Public Health Foundation of India
  • Ms. Jasmine S. Samuel
    Executive Secretary
  • Gina Sharma
    Office of the President

Senior Management Team

  • Prof. Sanjay Zodpey
Members (listed alphabetically by last name)
  • Dr V Rao Aiyagari
    Senior Advisor, Science & Technology Initiatives
  • Prof. Sandra Albert
    Acting Director IIPH - Shillong
  • Dr Monika Arora
    Vice-President Research and Health Promotion
  • Mr Jayanto Narayan Choudhury
    Honorary Advisor to the President, PHFI
  • Dr Preeti Kumar
    Director, Indian Institute of Public Health (Delhi) and Vice President (Health Systems) at PHFI
  • Prof. Dileep Mavalankar
    Director*, IIPH Gandhinagar
  • Prof. G. V. S. Murthy
    Director*, IIPH Hyderabad
  • Dr Lipika Nanda
    Vice President, Multi – Sectoral Planning in Public Health
  • Prof. D. Prabhakaran
    Distinguished Professor of Public Health
  • Dr Subhash R Salunke
    Senior Advisor Health Systems Support and Officiating Director
  • Prof. Jay K. Satia
    Advisor to President, PHFI and Professor Emeritus, IIPHG
  • Prof. Gita Sen
    Honorary Senior Advisor and Distinguished Professor, PHFI

*Director of IIPHs also hold the position of Vice President at PHFI of the respective regions

Key Councils & Committees
  • Academic Advisory Council
  • Research Advisory Council
  • Advisory Council at IIPHs
  • Academic Management Committee (AMC)
  • Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC)
Organisation Diagram