The Indian Institute Public Health (IIPH) Shillong was established by the Public Health Foundation of India in collaboration with the Government of Meghalaya (GoM). The Institute aims to redress the limited institutional and systems capacity in public health in the northeast region of India.

The northeast region of India is largely populated by indigenous peoples (scheduled tribes). Many areas in the northeast continue to grapple with poor health indices. The region consists of eight states bordered by Nepal, Bhutan, China, Myanmar and Bangladesh.

The mandate of IIPH Shillong include capacity strengthening and improving health outcomes through engagement in research, education, training, policy and advocacy activities that is relevant to the region and the country.

The IIPH Shillong is located at Lawmali, Pasture Hill, Shillong in premises provided by the GoM.

Dr. Sandra Albert MBBS, MD, DrPH
Director, IIPH Shillong

Mr. Badondor Shylla MPH (Epidemiology)
Co-ordinator, IIPH Shillong