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IIPH Shillong in the News

Meghalaya: Alternate models to address Shortage of medical specialists in the state. January 25, 2019. South Asia views.

International conference on health finance. March 9, 2019. The Shillong Times. 

Malaria study center launched in City, by Guardian News Bureau. September 25, 2017. The Meghalaya Guardian.

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Consultation programme on good nutrition held. August 10, 2016. The Sentinel.

Meghalaya among states with most number of stunted children under 5 yrs. August 9, 2016. Meghalaya Times.

State fares poorly in child nutrition. August 9, 2016. The Meghalaya Guardian.

Child stunting declines in Arunachal, Itanagar. August 12, 2016. Echo of Arunachal.

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Workshop on sexual abuse held in city. July 29, 2016, The Shillong Times.

Sensitization on sexual abuse underlined. August 1, 2016. The Meghalaya Guardian.