Health Technologies Division

Reusable Low Cost Half face mask Respirator

PHFI – Hi Rapid Lab, have designed and developed a Re usable, low-cost, half face mask, respirator that has several unique features. Two design patents and one utility patents have been applied for. Link to the description video

At this point, two large Indian business houses have shown firm interest to mass manufacture the masks in the magnitude of tens of thousands along with several smaller firms. Going forward we are hoping to manufacture 100000 or more masks providing the equivalent service of over 5-10 millions disposable masks.

DREAM-H Digital Real Time Advanced Medical Modular logistics system

India lacks an effective mass scale reliable last mile temperature-controlled logistics platform to distribute medicines, provide vaccination, collect blood at/ from home. PHFI – Hi Rapid Lab has designed and developed – DREAM-H (Digital Real-time Advanced Medical Modular logistics system—for Home Care) as a portable, modular, multi temperature controlled ruggedized, stackable box to be fitted on to a two-wheeler to carry medicines, vaccines, blood/ swab samples, digital hand-held devices and other consumables needed for health care to the point of need – the home.

Link to the description video

MITH. AI (H) enabled COVID 19 Rapid Home screening hand held device

COVID 19 containment activities are facing two challenges:

  1. People with positive signs and symptoms do not undergo voluntary testing
  2. In adequate skill levels of health care personnel to screen/ triage at the point of need – @ home

@ Home testing with a fully automated device, with no text/ language icon only interface, that can be used even by people with no or limited literacy could be a possible solution. Also, rigorous and regular home-based screening would be a necessity for the next two years as several experts predict mini episodes of the epidemic after the present containment effort.

MITH.AI H ( Mass Integrated Transformational Health care with Artificial Intelligence – is a comprehensive hand held device with thermal sensor for identifying fever; pressure sensor for measuring heart rate, respiratory rate, recording lung sounds; lidar sensor for quantifying WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) status; regular camera with flash for facial/ home recognition, telemedicine module; icon based user interface and edge AI engine for rapid @ home testing. The device is built ruggedly and can be cleaned with diluted solvents. Automated cluster detection, location optimization, supply chain routing features are available with a user friendly and a map view dashboard.

Three dimensional Mass disinfection with UV LED light + hot air + disinfectant spray on a backpack

Regular disinfection of all locations where humans are in contact is the need of the hour. Even after the lockdown, this would be a continuous need. Unfortunately it is a time consuming process, and dependent on the human element of responsibly and carefully disinfecting. AppleMed- a PHFI/ IIPHH student led startup has developed a unique, patent pending device that disinfects rapidly with three methods – UV LED light, hot air, alcohol based liquid spray. They are electronically controlled and can be applied simultaneously or sequentially . UV LED light based disinfection is being used extensively and successfully in China and South Korea – who have taken the lead in containing COVID 19. Compared to any existing mass disinfection methods the proposed device has several advantages: (1) triple effectiveness combining three known and validated methods; (2) mobile battery operated back for extensive reach; (3) hand held probe for reaching even hard to reach areas for comprehensive disinfection; (4) modular architecture – with swappable battery packs, long lasting LED’s (more than 20,000 hours) and swappable alcohol solution tanks.      

Link to presentations on News TV Channel

Dr. Suresh Munuswamy – Head, Technology Innovations and Health Informatics, is member of the Telangana Government digital interventions task force; World Economic Forum working group “ Drones for COVID19” and “Chatbots for Health care”; Punjab expert committee for Post COVID 19 management and innovation.

Covid-19 Contact Tracing App

A significant proportion of Indian and Global population is expected to be affected by Covid-19 infection either directly or indirectly. Current focus of the Government to identify a suspect Covid-19 patients are those who have travelled abroad and their direct contacts. However, there is a significant proportion of the population who are returning from urban and metro areas to their villages. This carries a significant risk for transmission of infection to rural populations. It is essential that we reach out to this population especially in rural areas using technology for early identification of population at risk. Towards this PHFI has developed a contact tracing application for use by Health volunteers. This will provide details of the population who have migrated, if they have any symptoms and most importantly if there are family members who are at high risk for the disease in the family.

Swasthya Sahayak Covid-19 test

PHFI has also indigenously developed Swasthya Sahayak, a point of Care technology which is operated using an Android tablet and provides several upstream and downstream benefits. It integrates multiple diagnostic tests and enables preventive, curative, and behavioural interventions. It helps screen citizens at population level for ailments, Non-Communicable, Infectious diseases and antenatal care. The services can be delivered either as ‘door to door’ or as a Static service. This allows for on the spot digitization of the patient record and enables GIS mapping of patients and service providers. The system allows conducting several diagnostic tests that can be scaled up to include more tests. The device comes with a bluetooth printer to provide receipt/ report and referral to the beneficiary. It has already been deployed with more than 1000 users and more than 100,000 beneficiaries have benefited from it.

We have developed an application for use by frontline workers, using which they can track the movements of migrants from high risk spots, grade their risk based on their symptoms, identify other family members who may be at risk and share this information with GIS coordinated to the district health authorities for preparedness planning.

We are in the process of integrating IgG antibody test for Covid-19 as an additional diagnostic test and could be available over next 3-4 weeks.