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Support to UNICEF(Lucknow)

In Feb 2020, PHFI had received second grant from UNICEF-Lucknow for improving nutrition outcomes through SHG platform. However, due to COVID, the focus of state team has now shifted to supporting UNICEF team in their response to COVID emergency as well as shifting the gear from of SHG project from infant young child feeding (IYCF) to COVID prevention activities. In last three weeks following activities were/are being undertaken:

  1. Our frontline facilitators, WADA sakhis (410 facilitators, 6 districts and, 24 blocks & 425 villages) have initiated phone based counseling with SHG members on COVID themes. The plan is to reach about 50,000+ SHG households every week on varied COVID themes. We have identified 5 themes for counseling which will be delivered in a modular form over a one-week period. The themes are (a) Corona prevention and promotion of social distancing in public places ( hand pumps, ICDS center, shops and PDS shops etc.) (b) Boosting immunity to fight Corona (C) Mental health during COVID (d) Infant Feeding during COVID (e) Feeding during pregnancy. By April 13, about 20,000+ phone calls have been initiated by WADA Sakhis.
  2. PHFI Lucknow team is supporting the UNICEF team in leveraging student’s National Service Scheme (NSS) to reach student’s network. By April 13, 421 professors from different universities in the state haven being oriented on Zoom. Each professor ( NSS coordinator of their respective colleges) in turn contact 1000 NSS students under them with COVID messages. By April 12, more than 3 lakhs college students have been reached by NSS coordinators.
  3. About 15 social and institutional platforms have been identified for promotion of COVID prevention activities and messages. A team of UNICEF consultants are engaging with these platforms to increase reach of COVID messages. The PHFI team daily prepares brief COVID communication activity for wider dissemination.
Communication for COVID-2019