Public Health Research

PHFI  Research articles on COVID

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Statistical Modelling

PHFI is working on modelling the number of deaths in India and its states using statistical modelling techniques using data from multiple countries. Within this, researchers are looking at the progression of deaths into the future months and how the public health interventions would affect the disease pattern. The modelling results for the country level deaths have already been shared with NITI Aayog and Dr Siddhartha Mandal is currently working on age standardized death rates at the state level.


Research Work in Covid

Covid19 Testing Rates Do Not Match Mortality Rates
K. Srinath Reddy and Surabhi Pandey

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Preeti Kumar and Shaktivel Selvaraj

Covid-19: Making sense of the sero-survey

Antibody surveys indicating growing herd immunity hide more than they reveal

Covid-19 cases in India and fallacy of the floating numerator, K Srinath Reddy and Surabhi Pandey, Financial Express, May 19th 2020

Comparing countries on Covid-19 deaths, K Srinath Reddy and Surabhi Pandey, Financial Express, May 19th 2020

How India fared in containing Covid deaths — Analysis, K Srinath Reddy and Surabhi Pandey, Financial Express, May 12th 2020

What’s the right measure of the impact of Covid-19? , K Srinath Reddy and Surabhi Pandey, Hindustan Times, May 5th 2020