PhD Program

(in multidisciplinary areas of Public Health, degree to be awarded PhD Sciences by AcSIR)
The doctoral degree program in various areas of public health will enable PhD scholars to be future thought leaders in public health. The aim of this doctoral program is to generate knowledge and evidence in public health using scientific & innovative research and develop expertise in specific areas under public health to provide advanced knowledge, mastery of skills in leadership, management, communication, and innovative thinking. The aim of PhD program in a multi-disciplinary area of public health is to provide training to enhance professional abilities of scholars in research, problem solving, and critical thinking to address public health issues and establish them as thought leaders in public health.

Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health Management (PGDPHM)

Duration: One Year

This program is interdisciplinary both in its content and teaching. It utilizes a variety of teaching/ learning techniques, including seminars, journal clubs, collaborative learning, group discussions, case studies, lecture discussions, assignments, hands- on training on computers, visits to organizations of public health interest, practicum and field projects. Faculty with diverse disciplinary backgrounds, nati onal and international experience combined with a breadth and depth of public health experience would be teaching this course.

Master of Public Health - MPH

Jointly conducted by PHFI and Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research, AcSIR
Duration: Two Years

The public health system in India can be strengthened through the presence of well-trained and competent public health professionals. Qualified public health professionals are a necessity to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Such an inter-disciplinary public health workforce can also advance the vision of Universal Health Care. The aim of our MPH program is to make public health education and research activities relevant to India in content and context, while attaining standards which are qualitatively comparable with the best in the world.

Integrated MSc (Clinical Research) & PhD

Jointly conducted by PHFI and Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research, AcSIR
Duration: Two Years for MSc and minimum three years for PhD

Any research that impacts the care and well-being of human population come under the domain of clinical research. Clinical research in a broader sense involves epidemiologic studies, clinical trials, translational research, patient-oriented research, behavioral science and, health service research. High quality data and reliable results are key to generate evidence for decision making and to provide impetus for improving patient care. To produce such data, a systematic and multidisciplinary approach is required involving a range of disciplines like basic sciences, biotechnology, pharmacology, clinical medicine, statistics, and public health and behavioral sciences.

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