Since its inception, IIPH-Bhubaneswar has been involved in generating robust evidence through state of art public health research and implementation activities. The following list, though not exhaustive, provides a glimpse of seminal research activities carried out by the institute.

Research Projects Undertaken

Sl. No.

Project Name

Funding Agency

Name of Principal Investigator (PI)

1Evidence Based VHND, RI and IMNCI Services Delivery Through Health System Strengthening in OdishaUNICEF- ODISHADr. Bhuputra Panda
2Measuring the Commitment to Reduce Hunger: Development and Implementing a Hunger Reduction Commitment Index for IndiaOXFAM-INDIAMr. Nayan Chakravarty
3Assessment of Utilization of AYUSH Doctors, Service in OdishaDirectorate of Health Services, Odisha, SHRMUDr. Shridhar Kadam
4Protocol for Commemoration of WNTD 2013 at state/District levelHRIDAYDr. Bhuputra Panda
5Capacity Building Initiative to strengthen nutrition component among children residing in conflict affected zones of Odisha 2013UNICEF- ODISHAMr. Nayan Chakravarty
6Mid-Term/ Final Evaluation of PPP Projects under NHM, OdishaNHM, OdishaMr. N Srinivas
7Documentation the barriers and opportunities for strengthening and mainstreaming the delivery of essential nutrition interventions for women in Odisha-before, during the pregnancyUNICEF- ODISHAMr.Nayan Chakravarty
8Rapid Assessment of Drug Availability and Stock-out at Govt. Health Facilities in OdishaIPE Global Pvt Ltd, TMST, OdishaMr. Nayan Chakravarty
9Qualitative Baseline and End line Studies on Achieving open defecation free (ODF) Village through community led total sanitation in selected blocks of OdishaIPE Global Pvt Ltd, TMST, OdishaDr. Sanghamitra Pati
10Mid-Term/ Final Evaluation of PPP Projects under NHM, Odisha- Maha GruhaNHM, OdishaMr. N Srinivas
11Health Promotion School model in prevention of vector borne diseases in India: An Intervention studyWHODr. Sanghamitra Pati
12Need Assessment Study- TripuraDirectorate of Health Services, TripuraDr. Lipika Nanda
13Burden of DiseaseDirectorate of Health Services, Odisha, SHRMUDr. Sanghamitra Pati
14Hospital Based Trauma RegistryDirectorate of Health Services, Odisha, SHRMUDr. Sanghamitra Pati
15Morbidity Burden of Multiple ChronicDirectorate of Health Services, Odisha, SHRMUDr. Sanghamitra Pati
16Mid-Term/ Final Evaluation of PPP Projects under NHM, Odisha- Maha GruhaNHM, OdishaMr. N Srinivas
17TOT, for Strengthening Immunization and Cold Chain ManagementNHM, TripuraDr. Subrata Kumar Palo
18Integrating cardiovascular risk reduction into health professional education: A pilot implementation research in OdishaHarvard TH CHANDr. Sanghamitra Pati
19Access and Outreach of Various Media in OdishaSIHFW, OdishaDr. Sanghamitra Pati
20Acharya Harihara Cancer CentreNHM, OdishaDr. Sanghamitra Pati
21Heat Wave Action- NRDCNRDC, New YorkDr. Sanghamitra Pati
22Good Laboratory Practice- DL- ICMRICMR, New DelhiDr. Sanghamitra Pati
23Evaluation of Community-based Provider-supported treatment of Drug-resistant TB, West BengalCARE-India, LucknowDr. Ambraish Dutta
24Chronic Kidney DiseasesTSRDDr. Sanghamitra Pati
25Early Warning  Action Plan, BBSRBMC, OdishaDr. Soumyaswaroop Sahoo
26Economical Analysis of the Telemedicine Documentation StudyPediatric Centre of Excellence for HIV Care, MumbaiDr. Sarit Kumar Rout
27Comprehensive Case ManagementMedicines for Malaria Venture, GenevaDr. Ambraish Dutta
28Conducting End line Study on HUNGaMA-Next ProjectAvantha FoundationDr. Bhuputra Panda
29Health care system in Odisha – A Critical Review of Policy, Financing and Governance issuesACCESS Health International, IncDr. Sarit Kumar Rout
30Childhood Asthma Intervention & referralAmeriCares-IndiaDr. Subhashisa Swain
31Conducting Baseline Study of Saksham Project in Tribal Blocks of Maharashtra StateAvantha FoundationDr. Bhuputra Panda
32Spatiotemporal prediction of dengues incidence and distribution in OdishaPHRI- Fellowship projectDr. Subhashisa Swain
33Training for Dist. Level Medical Officer on Immunization and Cold Chain ManagementNational Health Mission, TripuraDr. Subrata Kumar Palo
34Baseline and End line Assessment of Fortification of Mid-day Meal Programme in Dhenkanal, OdishaWorld Food Programme-IndiaDr. Ambraish Dutta
35Baseline & End line Study of Central KitchenWorld Food Programme-IndiaMr. N Srinivas
36Odisha State Health PolicyACCESS Health International, IncDr. Sarit Kumar Rout
37Prevention effective of Homeopathic Medicine on Malaria- An Interventional cluster study in OdishaCCRH, Ministry of AYUSH, GOIDr. Bhuputra Panda
38Burden of Non-Communicable Diseases and Associated Risk Factors in India-Health ValuationICMR, New DelhiDr. Lipika Nanda
39Facilitation in analysis and interpretation of data generated by the Comprehensive Case Management Project (CCMP), OdishaMedicines for Malaria Venture, GenevaDr. Ambarish Dutta
40End Line Survey of C.C.M.P Interventions in OdishaMedicines for Malaria Venture, GenevaDr. Bhuputra Panda
41Maternity Home Evaluation (MAA GRUHA)NHM, OdishaMr. N Srinivas
42Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Disease Control in OdishaCMC-CSCR, VelloreMr. N Srinivas
43Heat Stress Assessment of Bhubaneswar, OdishaIntegrated Research & Action for Development (IRADe)Dr. Bhuputra Panda
44Diagnostics for Health System Systems Transformation in OdishaSIR RATAN TATA TRUSTSDr. Subhash Salunke
45MPH – Curriculum DevelopmentUNICEF- OdishaMr. N Srinivas
46Maa Gruha Evaluation 2018-19NHM, OdishaMr. N Srinivas
47A Road Map for Improving the Health Status of Women belonging to the Schedule Tribes in the 89 Tribal Development Blocks of MPAIGGPA,BhopalDr Upasona Ghosh
48Strengthening of Special  VHND-RI Intervention under SAMPURNA Scheme in OdishaUNICEF- OdishaDr. Bhuputra Panda
49Public Funded Health Insurance Implementation ResearchACCESS Health International, IncDr Sarit Kumar Rout
50A Certificate Course on Public Health Management, Bhopal, MPAIGGPA,BhopalDr. Shridhar Kadam
51Providing Monitoring Support to LaQshya Initiatives in OdishaNHM, OdishaDr. Bhuputra Panda
52Evaluation of Primary Health Care Services offered under H & WC in OdishaNHM, OdishaDr. Bhuputra Panda
53Determining the impact of varying incentive structures (financial and non-financial) to CHWs and their impact on worker performance & motivationAccess Health InternationalDr. Shridhar Kadam
54Rapid Assessment of COVID-19 Management in OdishaOdisha State Disaster Management Authority (OSDMA)Dr. Shridhar Kadam
55Menstrual Hygiene Management in Odisha – Situation Analysis and Strategic RoadmapUNICEF-OdishaDr. Bhuputra Panda