ePost Graduate Diploma in Public Health Services Management (PGDPHSM)

Duration: One Year
Eligibility: Graduation in any discipline

Public Health system is the principal means to deliver and contribute to policy goals – it is the system that actually plans, finances, manages and monitors health services. Today, India faces many public health challenges, but the biggest being the paucity of well-trained public health workforce. This diploma course is in response to enhance the capacities of public health functionaries across all levels for timely, reliable, efficient, effective and quality public health service delivery. Hence this programme is specially designed for potential public health managers working in government public health system as  well as community based organization, and national and international NGOs to impart the knowledge and skills necessary to optimize public health service delivery.

The course objectives are to develop in-depth understanding of public health issues, analyze various health system models and policies and health seeking pattern and behaviour of individuals and communities, andto develop capacity in planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating health service delivery through various approaches and methods for effective and efficient public health service delivery.

Key contact person:
Ms. Minakhi Kandher
Programme Officer
Ph: +91-674-6655641