Dr Rajan Shukla
Associate Professor

MPH, University of Minnesota; DPH, MBBS, Goa Medical College

Dr Shukla has had more than 20 years of experience in health care sector, initially as an emergency care physician, than in programme coordination, implementation and now as an academic who believes in practice; working in health system projects, evaluation and research. He works in the area of health care quality, health care financing and health insurance with special focus on promoting primary care and health equity. He is dedicated to improving access to quality health care services. He also believes in need for a responsive health systems through addition of community based approaches for health system accountability and integrating Indian system of medicine with the bio-medical model to deliver comprehensive and holistic health care.

Rajan is currently doing his PhD on use of advance in technology to improve access to health care services in secondary care care hospitals. He is examining if through availability of newer and cheaper wide angle retinal imaging camera, is it possible to shift ROP screening task to neonatal care teams specially nurses. This has the potential to disrupt current practices and improve access to ROP screening to every newborn who needs it, specially in resource constrained setting where there are hardly any VR specialist.

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