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One of the great challenges of modern times is how to provide health care efficiently and fairly for the whole population. Public healthcare systems can be controlled and managed centrally to maintain standards and do a reasonable job of ensuring fair distribution and access. However, they can be unwieldy, costly beasts that drain state resources and propagate inefficiencies. Market-based healthcare systems, whether they are more efficient or not, struggle with equity of access and fair distribution of provision. This webinar will tackle the ethical and social tensions inherent in moves both towards privatisation and away from it

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Privatisation of Health: CONSUMERS OR PATIENTS?

How do markets in healthcare, and particularly in the provision of healthcare, effect the relationship between the doctors and patients? Individuals in many parts of the world and in different ways are confronted with market-based choices. We are very familiar with these kinds of choices and how to make them in ways that balance our interests and our values with what we take to be good value. However, health appears to be a context in which treating patients as consumers is ethically fraught. This seminar will consider the ways in which healthcare might change the doctor/patient relationship and at times even the type, quantity and quality of the health care given and whether this change is always ethically problematic.

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