Placement Cell at PHFI-IIPHs

The key endeavour of Placement Cell at PHFI-IIPHs is to facilitate the employability of the students, enrolled for the PHFI’s on-campus academic programs

  • The placement cell supports the placement process by identifying relevant career opportunities for those who are seeking placement assistance.
  • The placement cell provides timely update to the students about available opportunities in other organizations of relevance.
  • Every year, the placement cell also organises professional development workshop for the students, which includes sessions on resume writing/cover letter writing/ interview skills/ email etiquettes/ group discussion etc.

Placement related learning resources for students and alumni

eCourse on Career Development in Public Health
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Public Health Career Website

Placement Policy

Applicable for academic year 2021-23 onwards, w.e.f 8th August 2022

  • The placement cell will extend full support to students to assist them in the placements, however the placement cell does not guarantee the final placements. The students are required to extend their full support in the entire placement process and work closely with the placement cell for placements.
  • Any student looking for a region specific opportunity will be required to work closely with the placement cell to identify the opportunity and apply for the same. Placement cell will not be responsible for providing region specific opportunities.
  • The placement cell will conduct Professional Skills Development Workshop for students, to train them in resume writing, cover letter writing, interview skills, email etiquettes, etc. Those interested for the placements are required to attend these workshops and not miss any session.
  • The placement cell will provide information about available opportunities to the students. The students seeking placement assistance are expected to apply for the same. However, the final placement of the student depends upon the candidate’s performance in the entire application and selection process.
  • All the students are required to attend the pre-placement talk by the potential employers, arranged by the placement cell.
  • Once the placement cell shares the student profiles with potential employers, details of shortlisting will be communicated to the students. The shortlisted students are required to attend the initial meeting/ interview with the organization, after discussion with the placement cell.
  • Student has to be sure about the opportunity before applying for the position/profile shared by the placement cell. Any withdrawal of the candidature at a later stage will result in disqualifying the candidate from further placement process.
  • A student who has applied for a particular vacancy, and has been shortlisted is required to appear for the interview. Any uninformed absence from the interview, except for some valid reasons, will result in disqualifying the candidate from the placement process.
  • Once the student appears for the process, and has been selected for the position offered, he/she needs to accept the offer. In the absence of such, the candidate will not be eligible for any subsequent placement from PHFI. Such students will be considered as “placed” by the placement cell.
  • Once the student has accepted one offer, he/she is not eligible for further placement opportunities through the placement cell.
  • The student is required to accept the offer within seven days of getting the confirmation from the organization, or as per the requirement of the hiring organization. In the absence of which, the placement cell is free to nominate the next eligible candidate for the offer.
  • Before accepting the offer, the students are advised to fully understand the rules and regulations of hiring organizations, if they are required to submit their original certificates and/or sign any bond or agreement with the organization. In the absence of which the students will themselves be responsible for any consequences and the Institute will not take any responsibility for the same.
  • Any student who is a serious defaulter (has accepted the offer through opportunities shared by placement cell, but subsequently denied joining at later stage) will be blacklisted for placement services provided by PHFI / IIPHs. Such students will not be provided any letter of recommendation/ reference letter from the institute or faculty for any academic / professional purpose. However, such cases will be discussed in the Placement Committee meeting and the final decision will be taken by the Committee.
  • The students are required to submit a soft copy/photo copy of the offer letter to the placement cell.
  • Once a student has been selected in an organization with/without support from the placement cell, he/she is required to inform the placement cell regarding the same.
  • Students opting for higher studies and those who do not require any placement support after course completion are required to inform the placement cell /placement officer in writing. (by email)
  • All correspondence to and from the organization will be routed through the placement cell only, except when the organization is inviting direct applications from candidates for recruitments. Students should not make any direct communication with the organization, mediated by the placement cell
  • If a student does not apply to the opportunities shared, without any justification; do not update the placement cell about his/her plans after graduating, fails to submit any details required by the placement cell, it will be considered that he /she is not looking for any placement support from the institute
  • PHFI considers its students as PHFI brand ambassadors who carry PHFI legacy. Thus, the students, once placed are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior in the organization they are employed with.
  • Ineligibility for the placement activity. Students will be considered ineligible for placements, if any of the below mentioned is true:
    1. If a student has not cleared the tuition fee dues
    2. If a student has less than 80% attendance
    3. If there is any misbehavior / indiscipline on the part of the student during the interview process for placement opportunities
    4. Or any other reason as deemed by the Director or placement cell

Ineligible students will be considered for placement again based on their improved performance and meeting the other criteria as approved by the placement committee.

IIPHs Placement Brochure 2023-24

For placement and internship opportunities, please write to:

Ms. Shanti Dahal : Manager- Placements, PHFI  /

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