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Maithili Karthik
PhD fellow

Maithili Karthik holds a master’s degree in Anthropology from Karnataka University, Dharwad. She has an impressive background, having worked as a field investigator and coordinator for three years with ICHAP (India Canada HIV/AIDS project) in Bagalkot District. Following a nine-year gap, she joined the esteemed organization Public Health Foundation of India as a researcher. During her tenure, she actively contributed to various research studies, including MAASTHI (Maternal Antecedents of Adiposity Studying the Transgenerational role of Hyperglycemia and Insulin), along with other projects.

Throughout her career, Maithili has been keen on professional development, attending numerous counseling, communication, implementation programs, and workshops. Her dedication to advancing the field is evident through the presentation of research findings at the 7th PHFI symposium in Delhi and the publication of three papers in national and international high-impact journals.

Currently, Maithili is pursuing a Ph.D. fellowship as part of the CTRITH project, where she is involved in establishing a cohort in a tribal community. Her responsibilities include supporting data collection and management, coordinating team activities, documenting and reporting, as well as engaging in academic activities related to her Ph.D. She has already registered for her Ph.D. program under Karnataka University, Dharwad, focusing on qualitative research as one of her areas of interest.

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  • Adolescent Health
  • Maternal Health/Women’s Health
  • Public Health Nutrition
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