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Phone: +919810270554
Geetha Ramesh
Additional Director - Administration

I have over 29 years of work experience in operations and administration, working closely with senior leadership of  networked organizations. I have been leading charge of administrative and operational functions of both new and established organizations. I have further honed my expertise in event management, specifically planning, financial management, and execution of local, regional, national, and international conferences, workshops and events. Responsible for all operations related activities within the organization at large, but is not limited to, administrative supervision of workshops, conferences, trainings and seminars at national and international levels. My responsibilities extend beyond PHFI for the creation and establishment of Indian Institute of Public Health in Delhi, Bhubaneswar, Gandhi Nagar, Hyderabad and Shillong where I continue to implement and manage administrative efforts. I am involved with a range of operations and functions of the organization including facility management, procurement, infrastructure supervision, maintenance, along with monitoring of administrative and process systems. I help establish administrative procedures in and across the organization.

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  • PHFI
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    • Office Administration
    • Resource Mobilization
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