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G Anil Kumar
Public Health Specialist

Anilkumar G, PhD, is Public Health Specialist at the Public Health Foundation of India in New Delhi. Dr. Kumar has contributed to many epidemiological studies and health system studies in India for over twenty years, including child health, child mortality, injuries, and health system research. His current research contribution is on subnational disease burden, neonatal health, injuries and health system.
Dr. Kumar has successfully developed a data management system to create and manage databases for large-scale studies. He directs the data across the research studies and oversees its validation. He has extensive skills in quantitative analytical methods. He has trained several data management staff and research fellows in data analysis, database development and data management.
Dr. Kumar has published nearly 150 articles in peer-reviewed international and national journals. He has been involved as a co-investigator on grants from the Wellcome Trust, UK, the National Institutes of Health, USA and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He was awarded the Endeavour Research Fellowship from the Government of Australia in 2009. He received Bharat Vikas Award for the outstanding performance in the field of health system assessment and health status at the National Seminar on Diversity of Culture and Social Environment in Bhubaneswar, India in 2017 and Bharat Ratna Indira Gandhi Gold Medal Award for the diligent and outstanding performance in the field of health research at the 51st National Unity Conference on National Economic Growth Through Individual Contribution in Bangalore, India in 2018.
Dr. Kumar obtained his PhD in Demography from the University of Kerala, India and has trained in biostatistics. He previously served as Research Manager at the George Institute for International Health – India, Hyderabad and has also worked at Administrative Staff College of India in Hyderabad and Mahatma Gandhi Medical College in Pondicherry. Dr. Kumar was also involved in research on strengthening the implementation of reproductive and child health programme in the state of Kerala.

Center Affiliations
  • PHFI
Areas of Expertise
  • Maternal Health/Women’s Health
  • Neonatal Health and Child Health
  • Non-Communicable Diseases(NCDs) and Injuries
  • Disease Control/Disease Burden
  • Research Methods
  • Bio Statistics
  • Statistical Modelling
  • Database Management
  • Health System
Other Areas of Expertise