A two-year Master’s program in Health Informatics, with the option of pursuing a PhD, if eligible, as an Integrated MSc-PhD in Health Informatics

Health informatics has tremendous promise in improving the efficiency, cost- effectiveness, quality, and safety of health care service systems. However, realizing the promise has been a difficult path for health care organizations, as there is a serious dearth of adequately skilled Health Informatics professionals. General purpose information technology solutions are usually inadequate for specialized needs of the health sector. Health Informatics deals with four major interdisciplinary components; emerging technologies, epidemiology and health management, advanced statistics and health systems. The scope of health informatics is very wide as there are a variety of emerging new technologies that need to be understood, adapted, and validated for use in health systems and then managed for continuous improvement.

Degree Awarding and Registering Body

The MSc & PhD (Health Informatics) programme will be jointly conducted by PHFI and AcSIR and the degrees will be by Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR). For more information visit http://acsir.res.in


Masters in Health Informatics

The MSc program in Health Informatics is an intensive 2 year, full time program focusing on applications of Informatics and Technologies in Public Health. A total of 4 semesters will be completed in 24 months with each semester spanning 6 months. The first three semesters include class room and lab based face to face teaching and the final semester includes 6 months of thesis cum internship. The student needs to complete 9 compulsory core courses (modules), 6 elective courses (modules) in 18 months and submit an internship complete on certificate to be awarded the MSc degree.

PhD in Health Informatics

The students who complete the Master’s program with a CGPA of 8 and above will be eligible for the PhD program. A formal application needs to be submi ed which will be screened & enrolment will be finalized by the PhD screening committee.The PhD program is of minimum 3 years, full time and project based. The research topic for PhD will be developed under the guidance of mentors from PHFI and AcSIR. The students are free to choose any topic of their interest ranging from basic sciences to community based studies. The student can be allocated to any of the CSIR Labs participating in the collaborative program on mutual consent.


The multi disciplinary curriculum that will be covered under the core courses (modules) include: Public Health Concepts and Practices; Biostatistics; Principles of Epidemiology and Research Methodologies; Developing Health Informatics Systems: Software, Hardware, Networks and Sensors; Telemedicine; Project Management and Evaluation of Public Health Informatics Systems; Patients Monitoring Systems (PMS); Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS); Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Research writing – Proposal development, Protocol and Report writing.

Under the elective courses we offer various areas that will fall under the following streams: Public Health Management; Health Financing and Insurance; Principles of Environmental Health Sciences; Logistic Planning and Drug Distribution; Public Health Nutrition Urban Health; National Health Programs; Electronic Surveillance in Public Health; Data Mining and Data Forecasting in Public Health; Ethics in Health Informatics; Cyber Security for Health; Biometrics for Health Systems; GIS in Public Health; Wearable Diagnostics; Consumer Health Informatics (CHI); Electronic Medical Education (EME); Veterinary Health Informatics; Nursing Informatics; Bio Medical Gene Technology Informatics; and finally Open elective that can be uniquely designed.

Please visit (www.phfi.org) to know more about the course (module) information of this program.


The fee structure for MSc (Health Informatics) program for the candidates admitted in the year 2022-23 will be as follows:

For Indian and South Asian Nationals

Tuition Fee: The annual tuition fee for the students admitted in academic year 2022-23 is INR 2.00 Lakhs per student per academic year. (The total tuition fee for the two year program is Rs. 4,00,000/- which includes Rs. 10,000/- admission fees and Rs. 10,000/- examination fees)

For International Candidates

Tuition Fee: The annual tuition fee for the students admitted in academic year 2022-23 is USD 5,600 per student per academic year.

Scholarship: Limited number of scholarships for MSc may be awarded for the deserving and meritorious candidates, subject to availability of funds.

Duration: Two Years

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