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Alumni Speaks

Fabulous and rewarding is how I would describe my past year at IIPH–Delhi! Their perfectly tailored course contents, readily accessible faculties, and a variety of student resources create an excellent learning environment for me to gain practical skills and most importantly, confidence in the workplace! IIPH-Delhi provides me a platform to hone my skills and competencies through various workshops and training programs that are warranted by the pharma companies and research organizations.

 Mr. Kirubakaran K K Mr. Kirubakaran K K
Integrated MSc & PhD in Clinical Research 2017-19 Batch

As healthcare metamorphoses into hitherto unheard-of realms through the advent of powerful tools like microsensors, nanotechnology, and smart robotics leveraged with artificial intelligence and wireless technologies, the Integrated Masters and PhD in Health Informatics course at IIPH-Hyderabad empowers students with just the right experience and research environment to confidently face the challenges and demands of tomorrow’s Digital Healthcare.

Mr. Stephen RajMr. Stephen Raj
PhD program in Health Informatics 2017 Session

The PGDPHM course at IIPH-Bhubaneswar was concise, yet a great learning experience. It has given me an insight into public health and its various domains. It has familiarized me to the health system of India, especially the Public health system. The course has also helped me improve my research skills. The institute has an excellent team of experienced faculty members who are approachable and provide guidance to all the students in every possible way. The lectures given by noteworthy public health professionals working in different health programs and public health domains who share their firsthand practical experience with the students, helps to understand the changing public health scenario. I am hopeful that this course shall shape my career in a better way.

Dr. Shuchisree AkhouriDr. Shuchisree Akhouri
Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health Management (PGDPHM) 2016-17 Batch, IIPH-Bhubaneswar

IIPHG University offered me such a opportunity to enhance my skill and expand my knowledge not only in the field of hospital management and administration but also in the public health which is core area of any healthcare system. “Profession ready” faculties at IIPH-Gandhinagar are very helpful to build my career in the hospital administration. They are student friendly and ready to guide me at each step of my profession. They helped me to be the best version of myself.

Dr. Pooja PatelDr. Pooja Patel
Master of Hospital Administration (MHA) 2017-19 Batch

I would like to thank IIPH, Delhi for helping me shape my career in the field of Heath Economics and Outcome Research. Professors at IIPH not only explain concepts lucidly but also schematically link them with the emerging Public Health issues. The lectures are engaging, well-structured and thorough. Professors pedagogic skills and great zeal for teaching helped me to gain interest in this field. They have shaped my journey as a Public Health Specialist. The proficiencies I gained during my time at the Institute helped me in getting accepted at Skyward Analytics. Currently, I am working as a Systematic Reviewer in Health economics and Outcome Research department at Skyward Analytics.

Dr Ritu GuptaDr Ritu Gupta
Master of Public Health (MPH) 2018-20 Batch

I am currently doing my PhD in KMC, Manipal Academy of Higher Education on Tobacco. This course was an apt one in gaining knowledge on different aspects of tobacco. Thanks to PHFI for the learning experience!

Dr. Somya MullapudiDr. Somya Mullapudi
eCourse on Tobacco Control 2018 Batch

This course is very much relevant for the state of Odisha, which provides knowledge in the domains of disease prevention and health promotion. This course opened my thoughts to look at all health issues from public health perspective and enabled me to be a good Public Health specialist. The background knowledge of management, social science, Health economics and method of conducting research and analysis made me more efficient in controlling epidemic, effective task force and of health program management.

Bijoy Kumar SwainBijoy Kumar Swain
ePGP in Public Health Services Management 2017 Batch

The eCourse in research methodology has been a great supplementary course to my learning and experience as a professional social worker. The training in research methodology has broad applications across social sciences and has been particularly helpful in enhancing my understanding, knowledge and skill sets about conducting primary research in field. The course is well-structured and easy to understand.

Tanya Stephanie MonteiroTanya Stephanie Monteiro
eCourse in Research Methodology 2017 Batch

The program was definitely useful in today’s world. As a nutritionist. I would be able to give much more back to the community by applying all that I learned. The faculty was very good highly qualified and totally up to date with latest advancements in the field.

Ms. Abhilasha VMs. Abhilasha V
ePost Graduate Program in Public Health Nutrition 2017 Batch

I joined IIPH with a great hope and expectation. Today after three year of completion of the course I am happy with all my achievement that became possible through the learning I have gained from IIPH and the skill that I have imparted in the field.

Dr.Nihar Ranjan RayDr.Nihar Ranjan Ray
2008-09 Batch, PGDPHM

The one year PGDPHM is an intense programme. The medley of doctors from various states and other health/non health professionals in the class has enriched the learning environment. Joining this course at IIPH gave me the required thrust to plunge into the field of Public Health.

Ms.Vibha ChabraMs.Vibha Chabra
2010-11 Batch, PGDPHM

This course definitely helped me to develop a better understanding of different aspects of
epidemiology and now I feel more confi dent in doing and planning research. Being the only public health expert in the institute I have a huge responsibility to cater to all the internal and external research activities. Now I feel more comfortable and confident in discussing and talking research during our meetings and classes. It also helped me a lot in facilitating DM and MCh students in planning a study, developing protocol, implementing the plan and in writing results for their thesis work. This course helped in developing a great understanding for different parameters of risk estimation.

Dr. Ajeet Singh Bhadoria Dr. Ajeet Singh Bhadoria
2014 Batch, PGDEPI

Everything from course content to quizzes is useful. The course is excellent to partake in. The exposure and the day when I enrolled into, was the most serendipitous experience of my life. The course is comprehensive, practical and contemporary not just for the beginners but for those who are acquainted in public health too. The course content and supplementary reading material provided is magnifi cent and splendid. The faculty and the course tutor all are treat to work with. Thoroughly enjoyable experience and I would highly recommend this course to all public health seekers, to enhance their skill and raise their penchant for public health management

Dr. Raviz ShahDr. Raviz Shah
2015-16 Batch, PGDPHSM