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Alumni Speaks

I joined IIPH with a great hope and expectation. Today after three year of completion of the course I am happy with all my achievement that became possible through the learning I have gained from IIPH and the skill that I have imparted in the field.

Dr.Nihar Ranjan RayDr.Nihar Ranjan Ray
2008-09 Batch, PGDPHM

The one year PGDPHM is an intense programme. The medley of doctors from various states and other health/non health professionals in the class has enriched the learning environment. Joining this course at IIPH gave me the required thrust to plunge into the field of Public Health.

Ms.Vibha ChabraMs.Vibha Chabra
2010-11 Batch, PGDPHM

This course definitely helped me to develop a better understanding of different aspects of
epidemiology and now I feel more confi dent in doing and planning research. Being the only public health expert in the institute I have a huge responsibility to cater to all the internal and external research activities. Now I feel more comfortable and confident in discussing and talking research during our meetings and classes. It also helped me a lot in facilitating DM and MCh students in planning a study, developing protocol, implementing the plan and in writing results for their thesis work. This course helped in developing a great understanding for different parameters of risk estimation.

Dr. Ajeet Singh Bhadoria Dr. Ajeet Singh Bhadoria
2014 Batch, PGDEPI

Everything from course content to quizzes is useful. The course is excellent to partake in. The exposure and the day when I enrolled into, was the most serendipitous experience of my life. The course is comprehensive, practical and contemporary not just for the beginners but for those who are acquainted in public health too. The course content and supplementary reading material provided is magnifi cent and splendid. The faculty and the course tutor all are treat to work with. Thoroughly enjoyable experience and I would highly recommend this course to all public health seekers, to enhance their skill and raise their penchant for public health management

Dr. Raviz ShahDr. Raviz Shah
2015-16 Batch, PGDPHSM