Over the past decade, PHFI has begun to play a transformative role in India’s public health environment. In doing so, it engages a wide array of stakeholders who include central and state governments, national and international donors, civil society, academic and research institutions and the communities that PHFI works with.

By helping to create a strong ecosystem that acts at multiple levels, PHFI is working to break barriers that are impeding India’s public health performance. The dispersed location of the IIPHs as well as wide ranging partnerships across the country, enable PHFI to address these challenges in a contextually appropriate manner, within a binding national ethos of sound public health values.

Dialogues with policy makers, civil society and academics are set-up on a multitude of areas in public health, ranging from tobacco control to what are women’s requirements in delivery of maternal health services, with the consultations extending from the grassroots to the national level.

In its journey over the last ten years, PHFI has built a knowledge base and created cross-learning platforms, while growing an organisation imbued with commitment towards public good. While PHFI’s educational programmes advance the precept and practice of public health in a multi –disciplinary framework, its agenda of policy and programme relevant research is bridging critical knowledge gaps and advancing implementation.