Date: 20 May - 24 May 2019
Registration Last Date: 10 May 2019


About the Short Course

The application of analytical tools and epidemiological concepts is an essential component of evidence-based public health planning and research. Study design is a key component which decides the outcome of a public health project. This training intends to provide an understanding of the aspects related to the design, conduct and analyses of the common epidemiological studies, elaborating on cross-sectional, case-control, cohort and experimental study designs. Additionally, it aims to impart training related to basic understanding and application of statistical tools. Apart from this, it also provides insight of disease surveillance and investigation of epidemic (outbreak). At the end of training workshop, the participants will be able to understand and appreciate the use of the various epidemiological study designs, morbidity and mortality measures, disease surveillance and outbreak investigation as well as get a fair understanding of the use of measures of central tendency and dispersion and sampling methods.