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PHFI is helping to build institutional and systems capacity in India for strengthening education, training, research and policy development in the area of Public Health.
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Research at PHFI and its network of IIPH aims to be of direct relevance to the further development of the health system, policy and programmes in India. It covers all theme areas of public health research, namely epidemiology, determinants of health, and health system and policy, as well as the major causes of disease burden in India.

Current Focus

By Themes

Determinants of Health
Health System and Policy
Capacity Building

By Disease Areas

Non-Communicable Diseases
Adult Infectious Diseases
Maternal and Child Health

Emerging Areas

  • Social Determinants of Health : Synthesis of Evidence on the Social Determinantsof Health to Inform Research and Policy in India,supported by BUPAFoundation, UK.
  • Public Health Law : Legal Empowerment of the Urban Poor, supported by the World Justice Project.
  • Patient Safety : Assessment of Patient Safety Culture in Select Hospitals of Andhra Pradesh, supported byFamily Health International
  • Environmental Health : Rapid Assessment of Levels of Awareness andAction to Address Climate Change in DFIDsupported States, Supported by DFID.



Location of Research Studies




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