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I joined IIPH with a great hope and expectation. Today after three year of completion of the course I am happy with all my achievement that became possible through the learning I have gained from IIPH and the skill that I have imparted in the field.
Dr.Nihar Ranjan Ray
2008-09 Batch, PGDPHM
The one year PGDPHM is an intense programme. The medley of doctors from various states and other health/non health professionals in the class has enriched the learning environment. Joining this course at IIPH gave me the required thrust to plunge into the field of Public Health.
Ms.Vibha Chabra
2010-11 Batch, PGDPHM
We covered all verbal, non-verbal, audio-visual types and different modes utilized for Health communication and Promotion. It was like a 3D power point presentation to us. 
Dr. Sameer Pathan
2010-11 Batch, PGDPHM
IIPH is premier institute under PHFI. Its credibility is very strong in the public health fraternity. The faculty is best and efficient.Overall the experience has been quite good in the whole year.
Dr. Rama Bhargo
2010-11 Batch, PGDPHM
The PGDPHM course was so interesting and helpful to me in understanding the varied public health issues and solutions to them. I got the inspiration, courage, strength, knowledge, confidence and support from IIPH to be a public health professional. I owe a lot to IIPH, the faculty and the entire staff. I feel IIPH is such a strong institute, well equipped with all modern facilities including modern classrooms, eco-friendly and really empowering academic environment. Proud to be a student of IIPH and I wish IIPH will grow to bloom as one of the Premier institute in India with greatest contributions to the national health.
Dr.Oinam Ramesh Singh
2011-12  Batch, PGDPHM
I thought of doing my public health education from IIPH considering the recognition it enjoys for its’ academic excellence. Other aspects which I considered were – the course curriculum, practical exposure, expert faculty members etc. I will always recommend for its’ academic excellence, value-based education and providing a conducive environment for overall skill development.
Ms.Chinmayi Borkar
2011-12  Batch, PGDPHM
This program imparted me the knowledge of application of statistics and also helped me getting into profession having statistical software skills like SAS, R& knowledge statistics. Practical approach of the course, specialized faculty, infrastructure and internship was really helpful in getting the desired qualities to get a job
Mr. Sameer M Bamnote
2008-09 Batch, PGDBDM
The experience in IIPH has been so unique of its kind and I feel very happy about it. The mix of tight and demanding Programme with carefully selected courses and well qualified and experienced faculty has helped me to acquire broader understanding of public health issues and health policy and economics. I never forget the sweet memories of my colleagues and the warm and welcoming environment of the whole faculty and staff. I wish to see and hear IIPH extended its Programmes to PhD at an international level.
Ms.Yegilenesh Habte
2010-11 Batch, PGDHEP
The Post-Graduate Diploma in Health Economics, Health Care Financing and Health Policy at the Indian Institute of Public Health is a fast-paced, intensive programme, suitable for medical and non-medical students, with varying levels of work experience. The programme has equipped me with more than just the basics of public health, epidemiology, statistics and economics; it has developed in me the skills to study and assimilate subjects that i had not encouraged before. The school offers a rare quality of teaching with a faculty consisting of young and very eminent teachers from varied backgrounds.
Ms. Radhika Arora
2009-10 Batch, PGDHEP
The Post-Graduate Diploma in Health Economics, Health Care Financing, and Health Policy provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to understand the complexities of health care systems. The programme focuses on the application of economics, financing, and policy to the analysis and explanation of health systems in an Indian context. The epidemiology and biostatistics modules are exhaustive and provide a solid base to understand public health issues along with in-depth economics and finance modules. The multi-disciplinary focus guarantees a full understanding of the context of health and health care issues.
Ms. Swati Srivastava
2009-10 Batch, PGDHEP
IIPH is an institution which not only strengthens the fundamental knowledge but also provides you a multidimensional perspective towards the subject which is the most important aspect when you are exploring a very nascent arena of clinical research. A student after the completion of the course will not find devoid of any detail in the field of Clinical Research.
Dr. Ekta Jain
2010-11 Batch, PGDCR
The course is very good as compared to other institute’s courses. The theoretical knowledge provided is best among all other institutes. The knowledge gained by me laid the foundation to build my career in research. The faculty are very nice and highly dedicated. All the staff members are extremely supportive. My overall experience at the institute in the last 1 year was awesome.
Dr. Shipra Gupta
2011-12  Batch, PGDCR
It is my privilege to be associated with IIPH. The unique internship programme in PGDCR course helps the students to get practical exposure in the field. The course fee is most reasonable and affordable. The guidance by faculty members is incomparable.
Ms.Purvi Pradhan
2010-11 Batch, PGDCR
I learnt to think, question and be inspired at Indian Institute of Public Health. Thank you for believing in me and enabling me to teach with patience and understanding.
Dr. Radhika Nayak
2009-10 Batch, PGDCR

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