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Treatment Design Workshop

When: July 21, 2016

Where: India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

The half day workshop focused on discussions on the therapeutic content of the psychological counselling interventions which are to be delivered to school going adolescents by non-specialist health workers/lay counsellors through the program. The workshop was led by Prof Vikram Patel, co-director, Centre for Chronic Conditions and Injuries, Public Health Foundation of India and saw participation from many eminent experts in the field of mental healthcare including Dr Amit Sen- consultant at Children First Mental Health Institute, Dr Achal Bhagat- Senior Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist at Apollo Hospitals, Prof Rajesh Sagar- Professor of Psychiatry at AIIMS and Prof Manju Mehta-now retired professor at AIIMS.

Other participants included Dr Sujata Sharma- Consultant Clinical Psychologist at Parivartan Centre for Mental Health in New Delhi, Ms Parul Srivastav- Deputy Director at National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development in New Delhi, Ms Rajni Khanduja- School counsellor at St. Mary's School in New Delhi, Prof Pallavi Banerjee- Assistant Professor at School of Human Studies, Ambedkar University in Delhi, Dr Deepak Gupta- Founder of the Centre for Child and Adolescent Well Being (CCAW) in New Delhi and Maitri Chand, Family Therapist at Healing Relationships in New Delhi.

The PRIDE program will follow two broad phases of research over five years. The project in Phase 1 aims to develop a Stepped Care Psychosocial Intervention targeting common mental disorders in school going adolescents comprising a combination of low intensity counsellor guided self-care (STEP 1) and high intensity psychological counselling intervention (STEP 2), and in Phase 2 will evaluate the effectiveness of this intervention in reducing symptom severity and improving recovery rates in adolescents with these mental health issues in a Randomized Control Trial.

PRIDE is supported by a Principal Research Fellowship grant from the Wellcome Trust to Vikram Patel. The primary institutions are the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (UK), the Public Health Foundation of India (Delhi, India) and Sangath (Goa, India).

Prize distribution for logo contest

When: July 27, 2016

Where: Bharti Public School, Mayur Vihar Phase-3, New Delhi

In January of this year, project PRIDE organised a nation-wide logo designing competition for school children aged 11-19 years in India that was circulated amongst schools. The winning design was created by Ms Sohini Ganguly and is currently being used as the logo for the project. On July 27, 2016, Ms Ganguly was awarded a cash prize of Rs 10,000/- by Dr Vikas Choudhry, Project Director, PRIDE, Public Health Foundation of India at Ganguly’s school who congratulated her for her achievement and thanked her for her contribution to the project.

Public Engagement art-dialogue

When: August 12, 2016

Where: Anti-Social, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

On the occasion of International Youth Day, PRIDE project and Public Health Foundation of India hosted a special discussion “Where Words Fail, Art Speaks: Breaking the Silence through Art” at Anti-Social, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi. The two hour dialogue saw participation from many youngsters in the NCR and engaged them in a thoughtful conversation on addressing important social challenges of health, poverty, gender and sexuality and challenging social stigma using the arts as a powerful tool to impact society and change.

The discussion marked the inaugural event by PRIDE Project’s new initiative which aims to address the stigma associated with mental health and build adolescents’ and young people's capacities to address mental health problems through public engagement and arts-based activities. The project which aims to develop a psychosocial intervention targeting common mental disorders in school going adolescents is led by Prof Vikram Patel, Co-Director of the Centre for Control of Chronic Conditions at PHFI. Depressive, anxiety and conduct disorders (the ‘common mental disorders’) account for over 75% of the burden of mental disorders in this age group.

The interactive dialogue featured six New Delhi based artists across disciplines of music, visual art, dance, theatre, film and technology to discuss how art can engage with and impact some of the biggest challenges of health, poverty, gender and sexuality. The speakers included Aditi Kaul, Arts-Based, Therapist, Fortis Healthcare, Akshat Nauriyal, ST+ART, India, Avinash Kumar, Basic Love of Things (BLOT), Ayesha Hassan walia, Dancer & Choreographer, Faith Gonsalves, Music Basti and Tamseel Hussain, Public Engagement & Technology.

The dialogue centred on reducing stigma and negative stereotypes on the issues faced by young people and showcasing interesting, new and innovative ways such as expressive art forms, art installations and street art to talk about them. The speakers also discussed how arts can be a way for people to talk about their fears and traumatic experiences even when they might not have the words. Kaul narratedthestory of a young girl who had survived abuse (physical, emotional, sexual) and had developed conversion disorders. The girl wasable to address her traumatic experiences by drawing the pictures of her demons (picture of a black face with red eyes) and was able to express her trauma as a demon which enabled her to access and discuss the traumatic experiences.

Similarly, Hassanwalia spoke about her work in Bihar where she along with her team from Going To School trained government school teachers on how teaching entrepreneurial skills to their students. But unlike usual workshops and trainings, she designed the training as a dance performance where every element was presented through a story. Gonsalves too highlighted how the NGO Music Basti is working with school kids in poor neighbourhoods in Delhi to create equal learning opportunities through music for them. She showcased the journey of two particular students in the programme since their first few classes to the ReSound 2016 concert where they launched their album Ship of Dreams along with fellow students. The story highlighted the growth in confidence and self-esteem for both the students as their time in the programme progressed.


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