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The Evidence to Policy Unit focuses on strengthening use of evidence in policies, practices and implementation of the Universal Immunization Programme (UIP). It supports MoHFW by providing evidence-based recommendations on immunization policy and practice to determine appropriate strategies based on evolving priorities.To strengthen evidence-informed decision making on vaccine policy in India, evidence reviews are conducted by collating and analyzing data on disease burden, vaccine efficacy and safety and cost-effectiveness of vaccines.

Strategic Focus

  • Strengthen evidence base to aid informed decision making on immunization policy and programme
  • Collaborate with existing and new knowledge networks for evidence generation and analysis to support UIP implementation
  • Collate surveillance data on VPDs in the country in collaboration with key stakeholders including the Integrated Disease Surveillance Project (IDSP), NCDC, World Health Organization-National Polio Surveillance Project (WHO-NPSP) with a view to encourage data sharing and development of a comprehensive network for VPD surveillance.

The unit supports the development of a Vaccine-Preventable Diseases (VPDs) surveillance system to inform immunization policy. To measure the impact of the UIP, it synthesizes data from national and international sources such as the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC), Health Management Information System (HMIS) and World Health Organization.  The unit is the technical secretariat to the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI), the country’s apex advisory body on immunization and its Standing Technical Sub-Committee (STSC), providing a vital link between scientific evidence and immunization policy to help inform national decision making.

As secretariat for the NTAGI and STSC, it supports MoHFW in several key policy and program areas to enable informed decision making. An active and functional secretariat has provided a vital boost to immunization policy making and accelerated several immunization program decisions such as the nationwide roll-out of the Pentavalent vaccine and the introduction of new vaccines such as Rotavirus, Rubella and the Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV). 

To further standardize the decision-making process, guidelines for decision support are being developed and evidence reviews are conducted to provide advice on programme planning and logistics. The unit plans to strengthen and expand laboratory-based surveillance of VPDs, including outbreaks, to inform future disease control strategies and aims to conduct operational research studies to address evidence gaps in immunization strategies.

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