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Public Health Foundation of India will be participating at The 12th Asia and Oceania Thyroid Association Congress in conjunction with the Korea Thyroid Association (KTA) annual meeting 2017 from 16th March 2017 to 19th March 2017, at Busan, Republic of Korea. The congress will feature the latest advances in thyroidology as well as an update on the day to day practice of clinical thyroidology by renowned experts from the region.

The training division of Centre for Chronic Conditions and Injuries (CCCI) at PHFIheaded by Dr Sandeep Bhalla, Programme Director, under the leadership of Prof D Prabhakaran, Vice President Research and Policy, PHFI will be releasing the Thyroid Factsheet on 18th March 2017 at a dedicated session.

The training division of Centre for Chronic Conditions and Injuries (CCCI), PHFI runs several courses in the field of NCDs/CVD management, one of them being Certificate Course in Management of Thyroid Disorders (CCMTD – http://www.ccmtd.org/ ). This is a pan-India course which is a unique 4 months executive on the job program that aims to build capacity amongst primary care physicians to address management, counselling, referral and prevention of Thyroid Disorders. Chellaram Diabetes Institute (CDI), Pune (India) is the academic partner, and the course is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from GSK India. CCMTD is presently conducted in 35 regional centres of India spread across 18 states, 2 Union Territories (UTs) and 30 cities. The course has received an overwhelming response and a total of 2460 primary care physicians have been trained over the period of three cycles. The course curriculum has been vetted by a panel of 15 national experts that comprise of the renowned endocrinologists of India. It is a 4 modular course has been designed to be delivered once-a-month through contact session on a designated weekend. The course is administered by regional faculty who are eminent endocrinologists of their respective cities.

Apart from releasing the Thyroid Factsheet, Public Health foundation of India will be having two poster presentations namely ‘Knowledge improvement of Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) in management of thyroid disorders by a unique capacity building program’ and ‘Quality assurance of capacity building program for Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) in management of thyroid disorders’, and one Oral presentation ‘AOTA endorsed certificate course in management of thyroid disorders: a unique partnership model for capacity building of Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) in India. PHFI will also be holding a press conference on 18th March alongside the Thyroid Factsheet release which will be attended by the AOTA President Dr. Takashi Akamizu and AOTA Secretary Dr. Won Bae Kim. The AOTA conference secretariat has also provided PHFI with a complimentary stall in the conference.

Representatives from PHFI at AOTA, Busan

  • Dr. Sandeep Bhalla
  • Mr. Rajiv Chhibber
  • Dr Deepak Monga
  • Mr. Arshit Kondal
  • Mr. Arvind Singh

Details of sessions and participation

Dr Sandeep Bhalla
Oral Presentation- OS-36- Disorders of Thyroid Function and Metabolism-18 March 2017 (Sat) 08:00-09:00, CBR 1 (3F)

Mr Arshit Kondal
Poster Presentation-PP-259-18 March 2017 (Sat) 07:30-18:00, Sapphire Room (41F)

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