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Phone: +919818948013
Supriya Bhavnani
Research Scientist

Dr. Supriya Bhavnani has obtained a PhD in Genetics from the University of Leicester, UK in 2010. She then worked in the field of neurogenetics of autism spectrum disorders and dementia during her tenure as research associate and INSPIRE Faculty at National Brain Research Centre, Manesar.

She is now applying her training in neuroscience in the emerging field of global mental health. In particular, her interest lies in developing low-cost, scalable tools which can be administered by frontline health workers, and are capable of measuring the neurodevelopment of children.

She is involved in two key projects that are aimed at this goal – Integrated Assessment of Cognitive Health (REACH) and Screening Tools for Autism Risk Using Technology (START). Gamified assessment tools have been developed for both projects and these are being pilot tested for their acceptability, feasibility and validity against gold standard assessments of child development.

Center Affiliations
  • PHFI
  • CCCI
Areas of Expertise
  • Mental Health
  • Neonatal Health and Child Health
  • Global Health
  • Qualitative Research