Contact Details

Phone: 9958996230
Melina Samar Magsumbol
Senior Research Associate

I am an applied medical anthropologist with 17 years of professional research experience in interdisciplinary maternal and child health, environment, nutrition, agricultural research, and indigenous knowledge work. I have expertise in mixed-methods research and engage with various stakeholders in advocating for better environmental policies. My research work spans broad themes of the role of the environment (social and ecological) in the health outcomes of vulnerable sectors of society.

At present, I am actively involved in air pollution and environmental cardiology research projects and a student of Public Health Medicine at Deakin University.

Professional Affiliations

Australian Medical Students Association

Center Affiliations
  • PHFI
  • CEH
Research Summary and Interests

I actively engage with research collaborators and funding agencies to grow the environmental health portfolio of PHFI. I also serve as a technical expert for the Ethics Committee of PHFI and engage in research administration. As a member of the ethics secretariat, I assess and evaluate the risks and benefits to research participants of funded proposals, monitor project progress, and ensure that research projects and investigators adhere to National Biomedical Research Guidelines of India.

I have served as secretariat and a technical research member for the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare’s Steering Committee on Air Pollution and Health-Related Issues (2015) ( I also served as a technical reviewer of the “Guidance Framework for Better Air Quality in Asian Cities” authored by Clean Air Asia and supported by the United Nations Environmental Programme.

My collaborators and I have presented our findings in national and international conferences (International Society of Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE), TEDx India, Medical informatics) and have contributed to roundtable discussions on strengthening health information systems for environmental health research. Our contribution to the knowledge database demonstrates how early exposures to air pollution may undermine investments in maternal and child health outcomes, and increase the health burden of chronic diseases.

Areas of Expertise
  • Non-Communicable Diseases(NCDs) and Injuries
  • Environmental Health
  • Research Methods
  • Qualitative Research
Other Areas of Expertise
    Skills: Design of structured and semi-structured surveys; ethnographic and qualitative research methods (FGD, KI, case studies, community mapping, etc.) . Statistical software: SPSS and STATA