Contact Details

Phone: 9825558237
Apurvakumar Pandya
Scientist D

A psychologist with more than 12 years of experience in the area of research, preventive counselling, training, and program implementation. Currently engaged in health technology assessment studies and support activities in mental health interventions.

I attempt to bridge the gap between theory, research and practice in the area of health promotion and health behaviour change using behavioural and psychological sciences.

Professional Affiliations

 Governing Board Member, Bharatiya Association of Counselling Psychology (BCPA)
 Board Member, Indian Institute of Sexology (IIS)
 Member, International Society for Study of Behavioral Development (ISSBD)
 Member, International Council of Psychologists (ICP)
 Editorial Board Member, Indian Journal of Health, Sexuality & Culture, Indian Institute of Sexology, Bhubaneshwar
 Reviewer, Psychological Studies, Sage Publication; Culture, Health and Sexuality: An International Journal for Research, Intervention and
Care, Taylor and Francis; International Journal of E-Health and Medical Communication, IGI Global

Center Affiliations
Research Summary and Interests

My specific areas of interest include:

Health technology assessment to improve access and quality of public health care services including mental health.

Use of technology to promote a healthy lifestyle, health-seeking behaviours, and quality of life.

Building capacities of (mental) health practitioners, community members and at-risk groups to prevent non-communicable disease including mental illness and access public healthcare services.

Prevention of NCDs (heart disease, hypertension, diabetes) including mental illnesses like anxiety, depression using technology-enabled behavioural interventions and improve access to preventive healthcare services.

Understand psycho-socio-cultural factors that impact the mental health of at-risk children, women and youth particularly youth pursuing higher studies and Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Hijra.

Counselling practices in different settings and contexts.

Areas of Expertise
  • Mental Health
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Primary Health Care
  • EHealth/mHealth
  • Health Promotion
  • Implementation Research
  • Monitoring + Evaluation
  • Qualitative Research
  • Behaviour Change
  • Economic Evaluation
Other Areas of Expertise