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Epidemiologist, SANCD

Preet K. Dhillon is an Epidemiologist with an interest in cancer, nutrition, obesity and chronic diseases, who received her doctoral training at the University of Washington and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. At SANCD, she has helped lead a multi-center study on chronic disease risk factors and outcomes in rural households in Bangladesh, Chennai and Goa, and has been involved in research, mentoring and teaching on various research projects and proposals. Previously, she worked on the molecular and genetic epidemiology of prostate cancer as well as long-term patterns of aspirin use on prostate cancer risk and survival at the Harvard School of Public Health. She received a fellowship from the International Agency for Research on Cancer to evaluate the time trends of cervical, breast and ovarian cancer in Mumbai. Her other work includes the impact of physical activity on endometriosis, the additive effects of obesity on the risk of myocardial infarction, biases in evaluating the efficacy of PSA screening on prostate cancer mortality, and the environmental factors related to motor vehicle-pedestrian pediatric injuries. She is interested in evaluating the urban-rural divide to better understand important risk factors for chronic diseases in the Indian context as well as the interplay of environmental and genetic risk factors and their unique impact on chronic diseases in children and adults in India. She has research and management experience from academic institutions, cancer centers, international cancer registries and health maintenance organizations in the US and India.

Areas of interest:

Cancer, nutrition, obesity, urban-rural differences in chronic diseases


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