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Senior Research Scientist and Adjunct Associate Professor


Dr. Kabir Sheikh is a Senior Research Scientist and Adjunct Associate Professor at Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI). He is the director of the Health Governance Hub - PHFI’s interdisciplinary programme of health policy & systems research, and leads a team of researchers conducting cutting edge research on a range of thematic areas including human resources for health, decentralization and participatory governance, health stewardship and regulation, primary health care, and universal health coverage. As director of the Nodal Institute for the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research at PHFI, he has stewarded countrywide advances in the development of health systems research, notably the KEYSTONE India capacity building initiative - a partnership of 13 institutions led by PHFI. Dr Sheikh is Honorary Senior Lecturer at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Asian Century Visiting Fellow at the University of Melbourne, Visiting Professor at BRAC University Dhaka, and Visiting Expert-in-residence at the Universities of Cape Town and the Western Cape.

Dr Sheikh has a PhD in public health and policy from the LSHTM, and formative training in social medicine (University of Delhi) and infectious disease epidemiology (LSHTM). Through a career of 15 years, he has been engaged in research, teaching and training, health systems strengthening and policy development in India, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Bangladesh, Australia, UK and Belgium, and transnationally through assignments with WHO HQ, and DfID and AusAID research consortia.

Dr Sheikh is Vice Chair of Health Systems Global, the premier international membership organization dedicated to promoting Health Systems Research and knowledge translation. He is health systems editor of the Health Policy & Planning journal, and an editorial board member of BMJ Global Health and Health Policy & Planning. Dr Sheikh has been a Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio scholar-in-residence (2011) and Aga Khan Foundation International Scholar (2003-06). In 2011, he led the technical team (citizen and private sector participation) for the Government of India commissioned Expert Group recommendations on Universal Health Coverage.

Area of Interest

Global health, health policy and systems research, implementation research, human resources for health, decentralization and participatory governance, health stewardship and regulation, primary health care, universal health coverage

Research Publications

Books edited:

  • SHEIKH K & George A. Eds (2010). Health Providers in India: On the Frontlines of Change, New Delhi, London: Routledge

Journal Issues edited:

  • Science and Practice of People Centred Health Systems (2014) Health Pulicy & Planning. Supplement ii.
  • Health Systems in Asia (2015). Social Science & Medicine. Special issue. 145, 141-248

Journal Articles and Book Chapters:

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