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Research Assistant

Masters of Arts Economics, Bachelor of Arts Economics

Key Achievements at PHFI

  • Conducting a literature review on provider payments and financing mechanisms pertaining to provision of healthcare services and further evaluating health financing models.
  • Managing and extracting data from the Consumption Expenditure dataset of NSSO for 61​ and 68​ Rounds using STATA.
  • Developing sampling frames and tools for public and private sector units for a government project which was outsourced to PHFI using all India dataset.
  • Contributed to Health System in Transition (HiT) India, Report by reviewing and editing the first two chapters: Introduction and Organization and Governance respectively; also made the Health Organization flow chart and Financing flow diagrams for the same.
  • Electronic documentation of health budgets of seven core states of India for the project called “Strengthening Eco-System for Sustainable and Inclusive Health Financing in India” which is funded by USAID India.
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