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Senior Research Fellow

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Mona SharmaMona Sharma is a Clinical psychologist with specialization in Cognitive Behavior Therapy and has a Master’s degree in public mental health from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. She has worked for five years as a psychologists and trainer, with various mental health NGOs in Delhi, Mizoram, Maharashtra and Goa. Mona has worked in areas such as rehabilitation, community reintegration and advocacy for Severe and enduring mental illness and Disability, in India, USA and UAE. She has helped in conducting the field trials for International Classification of Diseases (11th Revision).

At PHFI, Mona is leading the capacity building and advocacy initiatives of mental health projects and is the coordinator Movement for Global Mental Health. She is particularly interested in areas such as development of culture specific psychosocial interventions, civil rights and dignity of people living with mental illness and community reintegration of people living with severe and enduring mental illness.

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