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Research Officer

Dr Himanshu Gupta graduated with Masters in Public Health from the University of Glasgow, UK after practicing physical therapy at GTB Hospital, IRMAS and other multi-disciplinary set ups in Delhi/NCR for few years.  He also holds an advanced post graduate honors diploma in Clinical Research Management, obtained from the International Institute of Health Management and Research and University College of London, UK. He acquired his expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research through his dissertation on thematic analysis of the barriers to and facilitators of long term weight loss maintenance in adult men in Scotland during his tenure at the University of Glasgow. He has also worked as a Research Assistant (voluntary) at the department of public health, University of Glasgow on a project, namely Meta analysis of the association between BMI and Health related QoL among children and adolescents. His knowledge and expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research methodology and focus on public health research got him acquainted with PHFI in 2013, where he is working as a Research Officer under the Centre of Excellence in alcohol control, Health promotion unit.

Before joining PHFI he was working as a Community health specialist with GfK MODE, social research division, where he contributed to the quantitative and qualitative components of various research projects in the areas of HIV/AIDS, maternal and child health, tuberculosis, large scale health surveys (Annual Health Survey III, District Level Health &Facility Survey IV) and employability for UN agencies and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare etc.. Few articles are under review for publication.

He has experience in delivering lectures/presentations on community health issues and also in conceptualizing and executing various community health awareness and prophylactic health care programs through program development, monitoring and implementation in several reputed institutions, both educational and corporate.

Areas of Interest:

  • Epidemiology and evaluation of surveillance and prevention mechanisms for Maternal and Child Health, Nutrition, HIV/AIDS, Polio, Immunization and Preventive and Social Medicine. Planning and evaluation of health promotion programs at local, regional and national levels.
  • Applying key concepts of health economics and their relevance to health and healthcare.

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