Public Health Foundation of India’s Indian Institute of Public Health, Gandhinagar (Ahmedabad) with support from NIOH (National Institute of Occupational Health, Ahmedabad) & GMER’s Sola Medical College Proposes to offer this 3 month course to M.B.B.S. doctors.

Occupational and Industrial Health is an important branch of medicine that brings together expertise from medicine, engineering and several other disciplines. It combines clinical medicine and public health.

Doctors with occupational health background and training have risen to the highest levels in corporate world as well as PSUs and become medical directors of major companies. Occupational Health thus offers an exciting and rewarding career path along with clinical practice possibilities.


A 3 month full time course regulated by DGFASLI (Director General of Factory Advisory Services & Labour Institutes, Govt of India). As per Factories Act, this is a mandatory qualification for doctors working in hazardous industry. Other industries also prefer to hire AFIH qualified doctors.

This qualification is recognized for appointment as Factory Medical Officer all over India.

Eligibility for admission:

  • MBBS Degree from an Institution recognized by the National Medical Council of India/Medical Council of India.
  • Completion of Internship.
  • Permanent Registration with the National Medical Council of India/Medical Council of India/State
    Medical Council.


As on 1st January, 2023, after completion of compulsory internship, the applicant should have a minimum of one year experience in the registered Factory, Mines, Dock Works, Construction Work and Plantation Work under the respective statutes. Or

Two years working experience in hospitals including self-practice. The period spent on higher studies (full-time NMCI/MCI recognised Degree or Diploma Course only) after completion of MBBS Degree and internship with registration to Medical Council of India/State Medical Council shall be considered as equivalent to self-practice for fulfilling eligibility criteria for admission to AFIH Course, subjected to production of valid certificates.

Duration: Three Months