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Chronic conditions are health problems that are experienced over a prolonged period of time including cardiovascular (heart and blood vessel) diseases, diabetes, respiratory (lung) diseases, chronic kidney diseases, cancers, arthritis and mental and neurological disorders. Collectively they pose the biggest health challenge of the 21st century, for both rich and poor countries alike. In India, rapid social and economic changes are leaving people at greater risk of developing a range of highly debilitating and life-threatening chronic conditions. Chronic conditions are now responsible for the majority of deaths in India, and are the biggest source of disability. It is in response to this public health challenge that Centre for Control of Chronic Conditions is being launched as a new international partnership between four leading institutions: the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Emory University, the London School of Hygiene & tropical Medicine and the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI).

The 4 Cs of Integrated care

Patient Centred
Focusing on the individual rather than on a particular disease. This requires an appreciation of co-morbid conditions, and development of individualised treatment plans considering each patient’s unique needs and circumstances.
Using a team approach, with active partnership between the patient, their case manager, the primary care physician and nurse, and other providers including specialists for specialised and tertiary care.
Using a proactive approach that ensures continuity of care, including systematic follow-up and provision of on-going patient support.
Ensuring coordination of care provided across different levels of the health system including home-based care, community care, and care at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

Partnering Institutions

Objective of CCCC

The Centre for Control of Chronic Conditions is an international partnership between four leading institutions...

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Approach and Focus Areas

Our unique approach to chronic conditions is to put the affected individual and the family at the heart of science, practice and policy.

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CCCC Initiatives

The partnership aims to generate world-class knowledge which can impact policy and practice aimed at reducing the burden of chronic conditions in India and beyond.

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